MARK OILS 222/223 Premium Petrol Engine Oil

MARK OILS 222/223 is a premium, pure paraffin based oil. Contains a DOUBLE LAYER of engine wear protection and advanced EXTRA technology. It uses a combination of the latest additive technology and a low shear rate viscosity modifier, to ensure additional protection against wear, corrosion, oil oxidation, piston deposits and sludge under all conditions.

MARK OILS 222/223 is designed for use in modern 4, 6 & 8+ cylinder multi-cam, multi-valve (including VVT).

MARK OILS 222/223   is designed for use in modern passenger car, 4WD's and light commercials including petrol, LPG and Hybrid Engine vehicles as well as being suitable for everyday road use in “flex fuel” systems where E20/E85 Ethanol fuels are used.

MARK OILS 222/223 exceeds the requirements of API SN and the European Standards, as well as many manufacturers’ specifications. It is designed for use where SAE 10W-30, and SAE 20w-50 grade oils are recommended in the owners handbook.

MARK OILS 222/223 is not suitable for use in diesel engine vehicles.

SAE: 10W-30, 20W-50

Product Benefit

  • PREMIUM  pure paraffin oils
  • LATEST oil specification technology exceeding petrol API SN
  • MAXIMUM wear protection
  • MINIMUM sludge formation
  • REDUCED piston deposits