MARK OILS 334 Diesel Engine Oil

MARK OILS 334   SUPER PROTECTION,  with  high quality  anti wear additives to protect camshafts, valve lifters, pistons and cylinder liners , low ash  products for diesel gasoline powered vehicles. 

MARK OILS 334  With HIGH QUALITY  DETERGENTS  and dispersants minimize varnish and lacquer deposits.  These same additives provide excellent sludge protection neutralizing and suspending  soot, resulting in a cleaner engine and longer filter change .

MARK OILS 334  With ANTI-RUST ADDITIVES  prevent rusting during cold weather or short-run operation.

MARK OILS 334  With CORROSION INHIBITORS protect piston rings, and OXIDATION INHIBITORS help to prevent the oil from breaking down at high temperatures.

MARK OILS 334  Meets the requirements of API CF/CF including the low ash requirements of Detroit Diesel as well as many other specifications.

MARK OILS 334  Blend a range of Heavy Truck, Commercial and Farm lubricants that meets and exceed the requirements for major truck and engine manufacturers


MARK OILS 334  Is primarily designed for use in Detroit Diesel 53, 71 & 92 Series Two Stroke engines but it can be used in all engines where the manufacturer specifies a SAE 40 mono grade engine oil. It can also be used in transmission applications where this type of oil is specified by the manufacturer.

MARK OILS 334  Is specifically designed for use in naturally aspirated & turbo-charged diesel engines operating under severe on and off highway conditions. It is suitable for pre-1983 Japanese engines, marine applications, stationary engines (including gardening equipment and generators) as well as 4 stroke petrol engines where this grade of oil is required.

MARK OILS 334 Can be used in older 4 Stroke engines that are showing signs of wear and engine oil consumption where mono grade engine oils are specified by the manufacturer.

Industry Specs

  • API CF
  • MIL-L-2104F
  • Mack EO-K/2
  • Mercedes Benz 227.0
  • Detroit 7SE-270
  • Caterpillar TO-2

Typical Data

Density at 15°C, kg/L


Viscosity, Kinematic, cSt
at 40°C
at 100°C


Viscosity Index


Zinc, Mass %


Sulphated Ash, Mass %


Base Number